50 things you don't need to do anymore -- Thanks to New Technology!


I just love this generation. We can chat with each other using smart phones and our computers on live video. We can travel at the speed of sound. We can choose to work right in the comforts of our own living rooms; and, work for clients from across the globe.

Because of technological advances brewing under our noses, (heck, we can’t even cope up with the latest tech trends), we don’t need to do a lot of things we can’t do away in the past.

What are those, you may ask. Here are some: We don’t need to own a set of encyclopedia now, no need to buy newspapers, we don’t need to visit a bank to have transactions, and we don’t have to develop and send off film for photographs.

There are so many activities we don’t need to do now; because there are tech products making those activities obsolete. I smile everytime I reminisce about the past, watching James Bond movies. The most memorable scenes I have are the ones which feature tech advances, not even possible during the time, like talking with someone using a wristwatch.

Just recently, Samsung introduced to the world a device resembling a wristwatch called the Galaxy Gear. It can handle e-mails, surf the Web and make phone calls. See? We don’t need to carry phones on our bags or keep on holding them anymore, we just wear them on our wrists. Now, how cool is that?


This infographic by Mozy has more interesting details below.


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