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Do You Remember These 50 Things Technology Has Replaced?

Remember VHS tapes and having to wait for a programme to start to record it? What about having to send your film away to get your holiday photographs developed? Carrying portable tape and CD players around everywhere? Remember having to live your life by candlelight? No, I don’t remember the last one that much either but look at all these things that have become somewhat outdated, some even completely irrelevant, due to technology.

Ready to get a bit nostalgic?

We certainly had to go outside a lot more to get anything done before all these iPhones and computer do-hickeys. Although, it’s not as though we can’t still do some of these things: send a handwritten letter? Next time you take a road trip try and get there using an actual map? Maybe don’t call the movie theatres for times though, there’s a reason why those automated robot voices have been replaced. I’m still angry about them.

50 Things We Don’t Do Anymore Due to Technology | Moxy

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