5 Web Worker Mistakes

The Web Worker Daily have compiled their Top 5 Web Worker Mistakes. Meaning, these are the most common reasons people who use the internet for business muck it up. It’s written for coders, but speaks to all of us.

If you’re a web worker (as opposed to a web dilettante), you need to treat your work as an actual business, with a business structure, a separate bank account, contracts, invoicing, tax withholding, and all the rest. Forgetting this can have severe consequences, from headaches and expense later when you try to sort things out right up to time in the slammer if the IRS takes the wrong view of your sloppiness. If you don’t have insurance or formal contracts, many potential clients will pass on the chance to hire you, no matter how brilliant you may be. If you forget to send out invoices, don’t be surprised if you never get paid.

Top 5 Web Worker Mistakes – [WebWorkerDaily]

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