35 of the Best Thunderbird Addons

Getting better and better with each release, Mozilla’s email client, Thunderbird, is as customizable as it’s browser counterpart.

MakeUseOf.com have a nice list of their best 10 ‘must-have’ Thunderbird Addons, appended with 25 more that you ‘might-want’.

Coming in at #10 is the Thunderbird equivalent of this email function we tried to solve previously.

(10) Send Later – integrates extra ‘Send Later At’ (’Ctrl+Shift+Return’) feature to the message compose window, allowing you to send messages on a particular future date and time. It can be a contract cancellation notice, a ‘Happy Birthday’ or a friendly ‘Don’t Forget’ note.

10 must-have Thunderbird Addons (+ 25 more) – [MakeUseOf]

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