30/30 - An App That Enhances Productivity Through Task Timing [Video]


Do you sometimes have trouble remaining on task?

If you said “yes” to that question, don’t worry. It’s not an unusual challenge. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an app that would keep you on track, didn’t break the bank and you could rely on for its simplicity and functionality?

Well, 30/30 from Binary Hammer (great name, by the way) is a task timer that may be a key to a more productive day.

Here’s the feature set that 30/30 has to offer:

  • Gesture-based interface
  • Fully customizable task list: label, time, icon and color
  • Virtually unlimited number of tasks
  • Options let you control how you are notified

Let’s explore a bit more of these features through the power of video, shall we?

You can grab 30/30 today for free (although within the app it does prompt you for a donation…if you feel you’re getting something out of it)  at the App Store.

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