If Q is your all time favorite character from the popular James Bond movies and you secretly wish to get hold of some of those gadgets, look no further! Some of those awesome gadgets have become a reality thanks to the amazing technology. From televisions that go round the bend to talking smartwatches, they’re all here.

Having trouble understanding your dog? Now there is a headset which when placed on the dog’s head can read into its brainwaves and translate into human voice. How would you like to get a pizza delivered straight to your balcony in less than 30 minutes? Drone delivery is now a reality used by restaurants and retailers to avoid the traffic snarls, right into your home.

If you are someone who gets off on gadgets then this infographic by Whoishostingthis will leave you speechless. Get a complete list of sci-fi gadgets that you didn’t know existed in real life.

13 sci-fi gadgets

Featured photo credit: BagoGames | Flickr via goo.gl

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