We Have a Winner!

David Wright is the winner of our first week’s drawing. David offered some good advice in his comment (which wasn’t required, but is nice):

To keep your new (my new?) wallet slim, remember only to put in it what you absolutely need every day. I know you might’ve needed a dozen credit cards before (because you never know which one’s going to be maxxed out, right?); but now that you’ve got your act together – you really only need one or two (maybe 3 if you’ve got a gas card – put your store cards in a secure place and take them with you when you go shopping). Throw away your gum wrappers and put your receipts in your pocket, not your wallet. If you really are keeping track of them, why is that Shenanigan’s receipt still in there from last year? Buy a business card case for your business cards and limit the number of photos to your wife and kids, or your girl- or boyfriend. A wallet like this is pretty awesome. Take care of it; and it should serve you (me?) well for years to come.

He’ll receive a gorgeous db clay wallet, shipped from the good folks at db clay.  Thanks to everyone for entering in the first week; if you weren’t a winner last week, be sure to enter again in this week’s drawing!

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