After I sent out an idea of translating, I have received a lot of hands up from people around the world. It is wonderful to see contents have reached many corners in different regions, and you all see the importance of having those contents translated into different languages. So thanks everyone who has emailed me on their possible contributions.

It will need time for me to reply through all of those, but I will reply them all.

For languages, I see every single one that you have proposed are important, but this is what we are going to do:

1. I am going to find a plugin (needs to plug into our existing blog system) that can scale with any number of languages or translation contributions. I do not think create another a separate instance of the blog system will be ideal – it will not scale with the numbers.

2. We are going to deploy one language at a time. Make sure the solution is stable and well organized.

3. When time proves the point #2, we will add more and more languages for translation. So don’t worry if we haven’t add your language yet.

It will be a huge community project! Let’s make it a sucessful one.

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