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Summer’s almost over, folks! I don’t know about you, but my summer was go! go! go! the whole time. Between the kids being off school, writing a ton (here and elsewhere), finishing up and self-publishing a book, keeping the house in order, looking for a new house (looks like we found one!), and of course, working my day job, I’m bushed.

Time to relax!

Ah, but how? It can be hard to find your way to relaxation bliss when you’re on the run all the time. There’s always that nagging feeling that, you know, maybe you should be doing something else, something “productive”. But relaxing is productive, right? I mean, it’s essential, especially if your career runs on ideas – and these days, whose career doesn’t run on ideas? We need that downtime to recharge the batteries and keep the idea generator running at optimal efficiency.

Today’s prize is a step in the right direction: a Sleepmate white noise generator from the curiously awesome folks at Vat19 to help block out the world, an aromahand aromatherapy pillow to surround you with soothing scents, and a Vat19 Banana Bunker so you can rest easy knowing that, while you nap, your banana is protected from accidental bruising or squishing.

Aside from the perfect nap, unplagued by stray thoughts of impending banana Armageddon (Bananageddon?), what do you do to relax and get the world’s worries to melt away? You’ll be telling us – and the world – to enter today’s contest. But first, the prizes!


SleepMate 980A White Noise Machine

White noise is full-spectrum sound that fills the air and blocks other noises from getting through. Played loudly, it sounds like static; at lower levels, it sounds something like rushing air. Often used in offices to dampen stray noises, a white noise generator is great for blocking out unwanted distractions in the home, too.

The Sleepmate 980A features two power levels and controls to modify the rone and volume of its white noise, allowing you to fine-tune your own custom-made personal “cone of quiet”. It’s tiny size – less than 6” in diameter and about 3” tall – and 8’ long power cord let you place it just bout anywhere, so you always have your personal peaceful zone. (Retail price: $50 US)

aromahand Aromatherapy Pillow

The aromahand aromatherapy pillow combines the power of human touch with the soothing properties of aromatherapy. Shaped like a hand, the aromahand is filled with lavender, sage, and other organic scents to fill you with calmness and serenity. Flaxseed stuffing gives it firmness and moldability, so you can place it where is most comfortable for you. (Retail prixce: $25 US)

The Banana Bunker

The first thing you need to know about Vat19’s Banana Bunker is that it’s not a condom. It protects bananas, not… other things.

Made of tough but flexible plastic, the Banana Bunker can be easily shaped to protect any banana, keeping its precious banana-y goodness from being squished, squashed, or even smashed. Perfect for school lunchboxes as well as briefcases and purses, a Banana Bunker gives you piece of mind and perfect bananas, every time.


How do you win?

We want you to tell us how to relax. And not just us – the whole world! Or at least, the Twittering part of the whole world. That’s right: to enter this contest, you’re going to tweet a relaxation tip. Mark it with “#lifehack” (the # sign marks whatever comes after as a keyword), so we’ll see it, and come back here and put a link to the tweet into the comments on this post (you have to do that or we won’t know how to contact you if you win).

Need some help getting your thoughts into Twitter form? Check out my post, How to Write in 140 Characters or Less. TO get the link for an individual tweet, go to and find your tweet. Click on the part where it says how long ago you posted it, and you’ll open a page with a URL like this:

“dwax” is me, “statuses” is Twitter-speak for tweets, and “891567965” is the unique ID for that post. Cut and paste the whole URL into your comment on this post to enter.

Contest closes at 12 NOON, PST, on Wednesday, August 27th. You must have a comment here by then to enter – no matter when the tweet was posted. The winner will be chosen by random drawing – your tweets will not be judged! The best tips will be collected for a post on relaxation sometime in the next week or so, so by entering you’re giving Lifehack permission to quote your tweet. You don’t have to be following Lifehack’s  on Twitter to win – but come on, would it kill you to follow us? We’re at


Stay Tuned!

There’s still plenty more to come! We’ll be giving away prizes related to home life and relaxation all week, and next week we’ll have even more prizes for your working life.

Later this week, we’ll be giving away:

  • A $100 Amazon gift certificate from Meryl, the Content Maven.
  • A copy of New Day Revolution, along with a coffee mug and a bag of Fair Trade coffee from the good folks at Cool People Care.
  • Gorgeous wallets from our good friends at dbclay wallets.

And don’t forget to enter Monday’s contest for a chance to win a full year’s subscription to The Clutter Diet and Tuesday’s contest to win a Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo Crate.

Check back every day this week and next for the daily contest in Lifehack’s Great Big Summer Giveaway!

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