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Couple of good news on – and yes, some are related to you:

  • Recently, you may notice we have some great articles from varies guest authors. Some of them are book authors, experts on fields that related to self-development. It is great to diverse the voices within, so that you won’t get bored on my posts every day ;). Appreciated your great feedback on this change.
  • I am looking for adding more voices into If you are looking for a place to drop down your views on self-development, productivity etc, and get your posts seen by many readers around the world, send me a quick email at leon ‘at’ or use this form. There are usually two main forms of post – One is writing original articles – The other one being news aggregations. I see both important for, so if you are interested on sharing your daily findings on resources (or you really proud of yourself on finding resources and want to help others), make sure to contact me as well.
  • Guess what – yes, we are going to have a t-shirt! I am graceful to have a very good design on the new logo, and I am going to tease you – this is an extremely good design to wear it and proud of yourself as addicted to self-development. Are you interested?
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