Leo Babauta at Zen Habits did an interview with me recently. He asked me topics like accomplishments, my productivity system and lifehack.org. Take a read.

Also I am happy to announce that Leo has joined lifehack.org as a part-time writer. I am sure you enjoy his posts as much as I do.

James at Organize IT has a post on top 10 list of the best GTD/Productivity sites. I am happy and privileged to see lifehack.org is one of the top 5 sites.

With the wide coverage recently, lifehack.org has been bumped to rank 240 among blogs at Technorati! Appreciate all of your link love and sharing to your friends/readers. By the way, I read that link daily to track sites mentioning lifehack.org, so if you want my attention, linking would be an idea.

Contact us on tips at lifehack.org if you have any media coverage on lifehack.org, or would like to do one.

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