Lifehack App for iPhone is released!


After a week of waiting for Appleā€™s approval, we are happy to present Lifehack App is on the app store now and available download for free.

Improve and inspire yourself on-the-go with Stepcase Lifehack articles and how-tos on Productivity, Technology, Finance, Communication, Lifestyle, and Management, for FREE! Now you can even improve yourself while commuting.

This is the first version, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or problems through the comment or support link, so we can answer or assist you. If you like the app, please rate or review us at the iTunes store!

Features include:

  • Content updated daily, just like the Stepcase Lifehack blog;
  • Optimized interface for navigating between articles;
  • Ability to comment on articles and email to your friend;
  • Customize your tab bar for showing your favorite topics.

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