Last Chance to Enter the "Spread the Love" Contest

C’mon, lifehackistas — SPREAD THE LOVE!

You have one day left to enter our February giveaway for your chance to win one of these great prize packages:

  1. First Prize – One Winner: 1 ea. SmartDraw, Facebook App Creator for Bloggers subscription, WeekDate planner, and Zen to Done.
  2. Second Prize – Three Winners: 1 ea. Facebook App Creator subscription, WeekDate planner, and Zen to Done.
  3. Third Prize – Five Winners: One copy of Zen to Done.

To enter, write a blog post on the topic of “relationships” — between people, things, ideas, organizations — and add a link in the comments at the original giveaway post. Entries musts be received by 12 midnight (PST) on February 21st — there aren’t a lot of entries so far, so you have a really good chance of being chosen. Winners are based on a random drawing.

Note: You do not have to have an established blog to enter the contest! Start a new site at tumblr, Blogger,, write about relationships, enter the contest, and then build your blog however you want. We want to encourage non-bloggers to jump in the pool — c’mon, spread the love!

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