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I received a great news this week from Times Magazine reporter, Jeremy Caplan, who mentioned in his recent article. Thanks Jeremy! It’s just exciting to see mainstream reporters writing about lifehacking and self improvement movement. I think lifehack is newsworthy – we are in a trend where people worry about their productivity within their work and life – they want to keep improving themselves, in order to keep them happy and stay focused everywhere.

As an example, blogger Dustin Walper thinks this site changed his life, because of reading our useful productivity articles here daily.

On the other news showing that lifehack is newsworthy, I have received an email from writer Cal Newport, who is working on a magazine article about the life hacker movement. He’s looking to talk to people under 30 who are interested in personal development, productivity, and related life hack interests.

Cal is also the author of a number of books aimed at students who want to succeed at college.

If you are:

  • Under 30,
  • Interested in topics such as productivity, personal development, GTD, and various life hacks, and
  • Have time to answer a few questions

…send Cal an e-mail, because I’m sure he’d love to talk to you. You can e-mail Cal at and just tell him you want to help.

Here are some of the excellent posts from last week:

Any mention to Tell us and keep them coming!

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