Congratulations to the Winners of the "Spread the Love" Contest

Congratulations Contest Winners!

The results are in — we have our winners for the “Spread the Love” contest. We ended up with just shy of 50 entries, 50 great posts on relationships — between friends, between lovers, between ideas, even between people and their pets. While we weren’t judging entries (the were chosen at random from all the valid entries), it was nice to see so many people respond with such great stories, advice, and ideas.

The winners were:

First Place: Maggie of “Little House in the City” won a copy of SmartDraw, a Pro Blogger membership with the Facebook App Creator, an WeekDate personal planner, and a copy of Leo Babauta’s ebook Zen to Done. Her post, On Relationships, is a meditation on the fear of being alone — as illustrated in the premise of zombie films like I am Legend that ask, “What if there were no more people?”

Second Place: Second place winners get a Pro Blogger membership for the Facebook App Creator, a WeekDate planner, and Leo Babauta’s ebook Zen to Done. Our second place winners were:

Third Place: The following winners all received a copy of Leo Babauta’s ebook Zen to Done


Congratulations to all our winners! And special thanks to everyone else who entered — I hope you had as much fun writing your posts as we did reading them. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the comments on the giveaway post. There are some really great posts there!

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