Business Week Names Lifehack Founder Leon Ho One of Asia's Top Young Entrepreneurs

Leon Ho

Leon Ho, founder of and now of Stepcase (’s parent company) is featured in BusinessWeek‘s list of the top 25 young entrepreneurs in Asia. According to the article,

now is a good time to look at some of [Asia’s] top young entrepreneurs. polled our readers to nominate their candidates for the best young entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region. In this slide show, we’ve put together a list, based on those nominations as well as suggestions from our editors and reporters, of two dozen of the most impressive ones around.

In earning this recognition, Leon stands alongside other Asian entrepreneurs in fields ranging from blog advertising to game development to web 2.0 services to social outsourcing to leadership training.

The list goes along with BusinessWeek’s report on entrepreneurship in Asia. With the Asian economy growing rapidly, especially in China, investors are tuning in to the energy and innovation of the Asian market, and especially to the generation of young, tech- and business-savvy Asians who have come of age just as Asian economies are starting to take off.

With the launch of Stepcase, Leon is building on the success of Lifehack is now the first product under the Stepcase umbrella, and will be joined soon by a suite of new applications and other products that bring Leon’s experience and understanding of personal productivity to bear on the problems still facing this generation of knowledge workers, managers, and others.

Stay tuned for more information as Stepcase grows — and, of course, for more of the same great tips and information you’ve come to expect of In the meantime, you can learn more about Asia’s new wave of entrepreneurs and vote for Leon (or one of the others) at BusinessWeek’s site (use the “vote for Leon” link above or from the main page scroll all the way across at the bottom and click on the “checkmark” image to vote).

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