Best of Lifehack January 2013 in the New Book Store


It’s been a while since we had any new activity in our e-book page. Well, that’s just changed. The lifehack bookstore has been updated and we’re relaunching it with some updates and additions.

From now on, you will also get a mobi version of the book alongside the PDF. This means you can copy it over to your Kindle, Nook any e-reader device and you will be able to read with whatever device suits your fancy. All the current books have been updated with a nicer text layout, newer covers and with both PDF and Mobi formats.

Back to Basics Productivity 

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We’ve updated  Back to Basics Productivity with new additional content added.

This book walks you through some of the basic concepts in personal productivity and shows you how to apply those concepts to your own life. Whether you’re a productivity beginner looking for a few simple ways to get a grasp on your life or a devoted follower of a personal productivity system (such as David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, or Neil Fiore’s Now Habit) looking for a refresher and some practical tips, Back to Basics Productivity will help you get – and stay – on top of things.

Discover Your New Job Online

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Has been refreshed and reformatted to make it easier to read.

Former employment agency staffer and ex-Lifehack writer Thursday Bram guides you through the process of building up your personal and professional brand, putting your best face forward on your resume and other application materials, and leveraging hundreds of Internet resources to find the perfect openings to advance your career.


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We’re also introducing our monthly best of series. If you haven’t had time to read all our Lifehack articles, or just want a more convenient way to read them the e-book version of the monthly best of is designed for you. We’ve compiled the best and most popular articles of January 2013 and packaged it into the Best of Lifehack: January 2013 e-book

50% Discount Off All Books

We’re offering a 50% discount off all purchases in the ebook store, limited to the first 50 people who purchase something. It’s first come, first served, so you need to be quick to get the discount. That means you can buy as many or as few of the books in the store for only 50%.

Here’s the code: LAUNCH2013

Just type it into the discount code box when you are checking out.

More Discount Codes

For those of you who miss out, we’ll be providing more discount codes inside our newsletter (which you can subscribe to in the top right corner), facebook and twitter pages, each will be limited to the first 50 people.

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