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Be Myself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

“He’s going to be the next Steve Jobs”; “She is going to be the next Hilary Clinton.”. You hear it all the time when an up and coming prospect in any field is compared to the dominating characters in the profession. But is that a good thing? Sure, it’s nice to be compared to someone inspirational, motivational .. a role model, but you can never be that person. In fact, all these successful role models likely had role models too, and they are never remembered as the next X. They succeeded in being themselves and are recognized for who they have become for their own values and achievements.

To be want to be the next X usually means that you have not yet actualized yourself and that you are still trying to emulate someone else rather than being the best that you can. It’s better to focus on your own strengths and use the inspiration of your role models not to become them, but to be a better “myself”. No one who has ever succeeded in their own right have ever been known for being the Next X. To be truly successful, you need to be recognized for being yourself.

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