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Back for more action, and welcome Chris Brogan

I am back from travel! Half of the travel was for my holiday and half of it was for my work – so I got my chance of relaxation, and then accelerated and achieved my work objectives. So now at night I am back for more action here! I want to take this opportunity to thank Chris Brogan for his leadership and contributions at while I was away, and Nick Senzee & Kelvin Quee for their contributions.

Seeing his voice able to mash with you all well, I had a good discussion with Chris on joining me here regularly. Chris has decided to come on-board as a regular blogger at, just like me, to deliver latest resources and articles on lifehack and productivity.

So please take this space to welcome him. You will see a lot of good posts from him as you read them in the past two weeks. We are also brainstorming some new features for, so hold firm onto your seat and sit tight for them!

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