Lifehack Digest for November 10th

  • Storing extension cords
    Simple little hack to keep extension cords wrapped and organized when not in use — stick them into a paper towel tube. Piece of cake.
    home tips hack organization
  • Web Worker 101: Tracking Business Expenses
    Intended for freelance web worker’s, Web Worker Daily’s advice on keeping track of your business expenses can probably be adapted to anyone’s worklife. Offers some methods of keeping track of your expenses and a list of what expenses are legit.
    Tags: business freelance taxes expenses
  • The Only Time Management Tip You Really Need
    Learn to stop doing tasks when they reach the oint where they’re no longer productive. I don’t know if it’s the ONLY time management tip you’ll ever need, but it’s a good one.
    Tags: productivity timemanagement tips
  • Menu Planning: Save Time In The Kitchen
    The Organized Home suggests establishing a shopping and cooking routine to save time at both the grocery store and in the kitchen. They also give instructions on creating a menu plan that allows a degree of flexibility so things don’t get boring.
    Tags: food cooking planning home productivity kitchen
  • Stop Beating Yourself Up – Create a Plan!
    Dumb Little Man says beating ourselves up over our failures is counter-productive — and he’s right! Includes tips on how you can get over your mistakes and move o.
    Tags: productivity advice planning
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