Our brains are designed to seek out rewards through speedy processes.

Have you ever tapped your feet or made a face at a computer screen due to a slow website? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think we all have.

Slow loading websites have become such a problem that scientists have linked it to web stress.

This infographic covers what our brains our like when viewing a slow loading website. By tracing where our impatience comes from, we can make more effective attempts to contain the negative feeling from affecting others.

Perhaps the most shocking statistic in the infographic is that over 44% of individuals who took part in the survey feel anxious about the success of a payment transaction if the loading time of the next screen is slow.

Next time you feel like throwing your phone out of impatience, keep calm and remember this infographic.

Web Stress, Slow Websites & Your Brain (Business Infographics) | Design Infographics

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