Whenever You Mistype a Word, Delete It


Typing on our computers with all the spell and gammar-check programs can make spelling a weak spot for all of us. One of the reasons this persists is because few people take the time to learn the words that they spell incorrectly. In some cases, incorrect words are purely accidental and they come from unrefined typing skills. Either way, there is a quick way you can trick your brain into typing it correct the next time: delete the whole word.

When you delete the entire word, rather than just until the spot where the mistake was, you are creating a much more forceful signal to the brain that you made an error. The time you put into this exercise at the beginning will help in the long run as you slowly get used to writing the correct version of the word. In order to prevent losing too much time, simply delete the whole word with keys like “control (CTRL) + backspace”. This will save you some time without detracting from your learning process.

You can delete the previous word with the following shortcuts:

1. Word processors – “CTRL + backspace ”
2. Vim (text editor) – “CTRL + w ”
3. Vi (text editor) – “dw”

Original Source – Reddit

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