When it comes to productivity, motivation isn’t enough.

This YouTube video highlights the science or methodical aspects of productivity.

Fueling productivity with emotions will always result in failure due to lack of consistency. Successful productivity requires constant variables such as time management and focus.

An example of this is task repetition. By repeatedly performing the same set of tasks on a daily basis, you’re developing productive habits.

Unfortunately, that’s just one of the many aspects of productivity.

There are other essential components to consider such as deadlines and accountability.

Next time you catch yourself procrastinating, don’t browse through motivational quotes and graphics. Instead, create a realistic and balanced schedule that’s composed of intense work and short breaks.

The last thing to consider is multitasking. Forget about it, it doesn’t work.

It’s counterproductive and can cause you to make errors, forcing you to go back and repeat the same tasks again.

The Science of Productivity | YouTube



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