Using Temperature and Lighting to Increase Productivity


Increasing productivity while sitting at your computer desk can seem like quite the difficult task, but recent studies have shown that small nuances, such as temperature and lighting, can contribute greatly to how efficient you are.

First of all, the difference between artificial and natural light is vast. A recent Swiss study showed that people exposed to predominantly artificial light throughout the day were less alert in the evening than those exposed to natural sunlight. Just as striking, a 10 degree drop in temperature from 77 degrees Fahrenheit produced 44% more mistakes by employees in a Cornell study.


If you want to boost productivity with temperature and lighting alone, there are a few things you can do. Make sure you wake up about the time the sun rises (or before if possible). This will help normalize your cortisol levels considerably. Next, use a portable heater to keep your workspace at an optimal 77 degrees.

The Science of How Temperature and Lighting Impacts our Productivity [Buffer]

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