Treepad Personal Information Manager


The Treepad personal information manager is a very flexible, easy to use organizer. Treepad is easily adapted to many different organizational styles so you can make Treepad work the way you want it to.

TreePad is an award-winning Personal Information Manager, Organizer, Database, and Word Processor. Portability and compactness are smoothly blended into TreePad with its other distinctive features: versatility and power, as well as simplicity and intuitiveness of use.

Treepad offers quite a few standard features including:

  • Articles and Nodes arranged in flexible treeview
  • Tree Editing allows you to create any tree structure you choose
  • Hyperlink support
  • Multi-language includes most non-western languages

Treepad can be run from your hard drive, floppy, or from a flash drive. The flexibility allows you to take your data with you wherever you go. Treepad is available in several versions with additional features available for a modest cost. The standard Treepad program is available as a free download.

Treepad Personal Information Manager [Treepad]

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