ToDoList 5 Offers Powerful Task Management


ToDoList 5 for Windows offers powerful task management for users. ToDoList is a “tree-based task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.”

ToDoList is a rare form of task management tool, one that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clean and intuitive user experience.
ToDoList has been in continuous development for the last 3 years and is an ongoing project.
Your tasklists are stored in XML which provides many opportunities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets.
ToDoList’s flexible design makes it ideal for both IT related projects as well as more general GTD uses.

ToDoList may not meet all of your GTD organizational needs, but if you are looking for a powerful task manager ToDoList may be worth looking at. ToDoList is a feature-rich task manager.
ToDoList, produced by Abstract Spoon Software, is freely distributed under a CreativeCommons license. ToDoList was first released in 2003 and can be downloaded from The Code Project website.

ToDoList – A Simple But Effective Way To Keep On Top Of Your Tasks [The Code Project]

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