It’s preposterous! The global economy loses around $450 Billion annually just because of multi-tasking. It’s a fact of life, this thing called multi-tasking. What with the high-tech, ultra digital, and constantly connected life we live, somehow we can’t avoid to multi-task.

One of the bad effects we dare say is — nowadays, it’s impossible to talk to a teenager who is holding his mobile device. (Or is it the other way around, the device is holding the teen?) Gosh! It’s the hardest thing to do now. You know what I mean, right? To illustrate this situation clearer, just an hour ago, I was talking with my nephew and after each and every minute, he checks his phone. In fact, there were several times when he checked it after only 20 seconds! See what I mean?Can you visualize what I went through? Obviously, he was only half aware of the things I was telling him. Duh! These are terrible times about communicating with teens.

To further emphasize this point, according to Fusebox, the outfit that came out with our graphic, the average person checks her phone 150 times per day. It’s a sad fact, but true. Too many of us are now slaves to our own mobile devices and our laptops.

Infographic Design: kikikarpus


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