The Meaning Of Organized Life

David Allen’s latest articles at the Huffington Post are a great guide to GTD for organizational intermediates. They’re good to read through and revive some simple ideas that work universally when getting things done.

This week Dave divulges the all-elusive ‘meaning of organized life’: Things need to go where they need to go.

Simple? That’s the idea, I guess.

The most interesting point he makes, in this article, is how you would go about your daily life recognizing where any given ‘thing’ needs to go. This is a big part of GTD and processing inboxes.

  • I don’t need or want it = trash
  • I still need to decide what this means to me = IN basket item
  • I might need to know this information = reference
  • I use it = equipment and supplies
  • I like to see it = decoration
  • This takes time to get into practice, but once this step is perfected and you find yourself organizing your things without a second thought, that zen-like organizational haven that could be your desk will be yours.

    What Does “Organized” Really Mean? – [HuffingtonPost]

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