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The Art of Creating Viral Content

When can we confidently say that a certain content has gone viral? Is it when the content gets a lot of views? When it garners hundreds of shares? Or when it pushes people’s emotions to the brim?

From a marketing standpoint, Seth Godin has one of the best definitions: Viral marketing is an idea that spreads–and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause. Because the currency of our future is ideas– the idea virus mechanism is how those ideas propagate.

I know a lot of you are involved in jobs or businesses connected to the web, so you ask the type of questions I included earlier. Here’s more: How does it happen, anyway? Does a content go viral because it boasts of valuable information? Just how do you go crafting contagious content?

That’s a mouthful regarding viral content, and we aim to shed light on the subject in the amazing graphics we’re about to unleash. As the title declares boldly — the art of creating viral content (yes, it’s an art) and that means it can be learned.

Kudos to More Than Branding for covering this topic. The infographic is brought to us by ProBlogger and designed by Voltier.


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