Template: Emergent Task Planner 2007

Emergent Task Planner

David Seah has released an update on his Emergent Task Planner, which is a form to plan and track your time using time boxing technique. Break down your day into separate time periods, and deliver and perform the work by the deadline:

So what is Emergent Task Planning? It’s a more directed version of Emergent Task Tracking, which is the form that helps you figure out where your time is disappearing to. Emergent Task Planning, on the other hand, attempts to guide your effort for the day by using time boxing:

* list the things you need to do for the day
* estimate how long they’ll take (up to 4 hours…if it’s longer, break it up)
* figure out where in the day you’ll do them
* block out the time, and stick to the schedule

Download Emergent Task Planner 2007 in PDF – [David Seah]

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