Clear, breath-taking photos requires a steady hand.

If you like to drink coffee or are generally a nervous person, this can be a big problem. Furthermore, if you’re going through rugged terrain or on a boat, almost every shot will end up blurry.

Until now.

The creators of the StayblCam aims to fix this problem with their newest invention.

As the name suggests, the StayblCam is a stabilizer that is compatible with smartphones and cameras including GoPro.

14dba79ae93703ec1ae8db79218333f7rgeThere are no complex configurations to remember. All you have to do is hook on your device and start using it. Adjusting the stabilizer is a breeze and doesn’t require you to take the accessory down. A small ring allows you to make minor adjustments to get the perfect shot.

Overall, the StayblCam is recommended for photo enthusiasts and professionals.

You may never leave your home without it.

StayblCam – Super Steady Video with iPhone, GoPro, and More! | Kickstarter

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