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Stick Memos: Post-its 2.0 For Sensitive Documents

There are a lot of things wrong with post-its.

They are bulky, bright and are always in the way of important information.

Tracing Sticky Memos can change your entire experience with traditional post-its by providing you with clear, natural paper. As the name suggests, the transparency of the sticky memos resembles tracing paper. This allows you to see what’s under the note without flipping it over, which could ruin the post-it.

Another great function of the sleek memos is its ability to blend in with your note and text books. From far away the tracing memos look like part of the book, but up close you’ll notice that its actually a separate note on its own. For some, this can be a mind boggling experience.

Modern technology has evolved tremendously in the past decade, which is why it was inevitable for post-its to get an upgrade.

Tracing Sticky Memos | Thegadgetflow

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