speed up your learning

Speed up your learning. You don’t need to spend 10 years on something to know it well in the information age.

You read over your notes. Then you read them over again. Then you read them over a third time. Then you take the test and are surprised at just how much you missed. Despite reading everything three times!

A lot of study time is wasted because of one problem: you fail to learn things the first time around.

Repeatedly going over the same information like putting a band-aid over a sieve. It may reduce the water that slips through, but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem: that you have too many holes.

The key to reducing the amount of time you study is simple: learn things the first time you see them, instead of after dozens of repetitions.

This is all easier said than done. I’m sure if your mind was without holes you could easily capture any information that slipped into it. The real question is how can you do this? I don’t believe it is just a matter of being a genius or chance, but based on how you study.

How to Study Less by Learning Things Once

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