With our supremely busy professional and personal lives, being productive is the need of the hour. In our quest to be ultra-productive, we do things which may be counter-productive. You may be convinced about your methods to get the most out of your day. But, could you do better? This infographic by Coursefinder presents six productivity hacks that are backed by scientific research. These tricks help in improving our energy, health, time, and work management cycle in an efficient manner.

These productivity hacks will help you become more efficient at work and manage your time efficiently. It allows you to make the optimum use of your time and check off items from your to-do list. These scientific principles positively impact our physical and mental health, which is directly related to productivity. You will be able to carry on with your day in a seamless fashion, achieve your goals, and keep stress at bay.


Featured photo credit: Ryan Ritchie | Flickr via goo.gl

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