Results Only Work Environment

Results Only Work Environment

While reading an article at called Time Wasted? Perhaps It’s Well Spent, I came across an interesting concept.

First of all, the post is about how time is spent at work. With the average workday comprising of a reported 1.5 hours of actual work, Lisa Belkin asks the question, ‘Where does the time go?’

The big idea is that, like athletes, people work better in short bursts rather than long work days. Some workplaces are taking this to heart and providing a more relaxed attitude to attendance and stronger implications of results.

It’s called ROWE: Results Only Work Environment.

This means that no matter when you come into work, for what ever amount of time, as long as the work gets done, everyone is happy with you.

Headquarters of Best Buy in Minneapolis have put this policy into practice.

There workers can come in at four or leave at noon, or head for the movies in the middle of the day, or not even show up at all. It’s the work that matters, not the method. And, not incidentally, both output and job satisfaction have jumped wherever ROWE is tried.

Would this work at your job?

Time Wasted? Perhaps It’s Well Spent – [NYTimes]

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