Still carrying around a bulky toolbox? What if you had the ultimate tool that could fix everything and more?

The Wallet Ninja offers 16 solutions to this problem.

You’ll get a letter opener, box cutter, cellphone stand, hex, wrench and can opener all in one slim tool. It’s so thin, it can fit inside your wallet! The Wallet Ninja is also made out of heated steel, designed to withstand most extreme lifestyles today.


There is very little things you can’t do with this universal gadget.

For those who don’t have space for a wide range of tools, the Wallet Ninja can serve as your lifesaver. If you’re always spending time outdoors, this tool can help you troubleshoot small problems during camping and road trips.

The compact contraption is also a a great gift for individuals who are getting started in building their own tool kit.

The Wallet Ninja 16-in-1 Multi-Tool | Firebox

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