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Prevent Your Glasses From Falling Off Your Face Using Nerdwax

People who wear glasses on a daily basis know how difficult it can be to keep them in place.

Contacts come with their own set of problems when it comes to maintenance, making them an unfit alternative for many people.

Don Hejny came up with a solution for this growing concern.

It’s called Nerdwax.

At first glance, it looks like lip balm. After reading the instructions, it does a lot more than provide a safe coating for the skin.

Nerdwax is designed to prevent your glasses from shaking around.

Application is as simple as applying lip balm to the bridge of your glasses. After applying a generous coat, simply wear your spectacles as you normally would and carry on with your day.

The product is made out of all natural and certified organic ingredients. Therefore, chances of sprouting an allergy while using Nerdwax is rare.

Nerdwax : It Keeps Your Glasses Up! | Kickstarter

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