17-moving-tasks-youll-definitely-forget_53a7892c95425_w1500I’ve moved house five times in my lifetime, including moving in and out of university student accommodation. The biggest mistake that I made every single time is that I do not organise my thoughts and priorities before I move my stuff so I always end up losing or leaving stuff behind. What I – and anyone who is similar to me and just just haphazardly moves stuff – need is a practical moving checklist.

This is where this infographic from All Purpose Removals comes in! Here we have a practical checklist that will remind you of 17 things you may forget whilst in the process of moving. So, print it out when you need a little more organisation for moving house and happy moving!

17 Moving Tasks You’ll Definitely Forget | All Purpose Removals

Featured photo credit: 17 Moving Tasks You’ll Definitely Forget via visual.ly

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