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Powerful Methods Of Practice You've Never Tried


We all know that practice makes perfect. But how long does it take to reach perfection?

Based on the infographic above, the answer is 10,000 hours. That may seem like an impossible number, but there are people who have achieved this quota and are now reaping the benefits of their persistence.

Bill Gates started at the humble age of 13 and applied his knowledge in computers through clubs, studies and internships. Starting early allowed him to start his own company at a very early age, while some of his peers were still learning how to become an employee. Additionally, The Beatles had a similar road to success, clocking in over 1,200 hours of concerts (band practice not included) before becoming famous.

The most intriguing part about practice is that there are ways to speed up the process. Through apps, teaching others and applied studies, you may achieve perfection well before hitting 10,000 hours.

Practice Makes Perfect [infographic] | Daily Infographic

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