Police Your Productivity with RescueTime [Video]


When we are hard at work sitting at our computer, are we really “hard at work”? What percentage of your time at the keyboard can be correctly classified as “productive”?

You have no idea…do you?

RescueTime is an app that monitors your computer activities, and reports back how productive you are. It may be an eye-opener! The service acts as a productivity snitch, offering you reports on how you spend your computer time. The idea behind RescueTime is to help users to:

  • Spot inefficiencies in their day.
  • Become better at self-managing.
  • Make measurable changes that impact their time in a positive way.

Here’s another of my videos that outlines what RescueTime can do for you — as well as what it can help you not do.

After giving it a go, I believe that RescueTime delivers. I discovered that I average productivity of over 60% with my time — not bad, but not great. Give RescueTime a try for yourself and see how you do!

(And if you’re feeling up to it, let me know how you fare with your time in the comments.)

You can check out more of Steve Dotto’s videos, including the ones he has produced here for Lifehack, over at his YouTube page.

(Photo credit: Rescue Time via Shutterstock)

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