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Pagety content management system


Pagety is a recently released content management system that also has hosting built right in. Pagety claims to be extremely easy to use and can help you manage the content of your websites. If you manage several websites, Pagety offers extreme simplicity (make one change and it is reflected in all of the pages on all of your sites). Has anyone out there used Pagety? What do you think of it? Please share your opinion in the comments.

Pagety is somewhere between a CMS and a hosting platform. Actually, it’s both a CMS and a hosting platform, because there’s no need to separate the two. Using Pagety is as easy as uploading a few HTML files via FTP, without the hassle of actually having to handle lots of different files all sharing the basic same code. You paste some code in Pagety and you’re literally ready to roll in just a few minutes!

Pagety content management system – [Pagety]

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