Nine ways to devastate productivity


Productivity 501 posted a list of nine common ways that productivity is killed in an office setting. The list certainly makes some interesting points, some of them are common sense. I’m sure most everyone experiences one or more of these actions on a daily basis. The following is a summary:

1. Use email for things that should be done in person.

2. Use face to face and phone conversations for things that should be done over email.

3. Always sit down in their office no matter how short of a conversation you need to have.

4. Space out visits by 10 minutes.

5. Send multiple email messages.

6. Don’t ask the right person.

7. Never interrupt them right after lunch.

8. Send emails that require them to hunt down information and people.

9. Spread gossip.

What is your advice on how to fight through these things if they are consistently happening in your office? Please let us know in the comments.

Nine Ways to Devastate Productivity – [Productivity 501]

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