Moleskine Memo Pocket - Wallet & Hipster PDA Case


The Cranking Widgets Blog had an interesting tip on using a Moleskine Memo Pocket. You can use your Moleskine Pocket Memo as a wallet and Hipster PDA carrying case.

I realized that I could probably fit the necessary wallet contents into the two spare pockets of the Moleskine. It fits nicely into my wallet pocket and isn’t really any bigger than my previous wallet. The best part is, I’m now able to keep my hipster on me and ready without having to change my “stuff to carry at all times” list. Now my wallet is just bigger (and more valuable).

The Memo Pocket features six individual organizer pockets allowing you to keep everything organized.

Combining Your Wallet and Hipster PDA With the Moleskine Memo Pocket [The Cranking Widgets Blog]

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