Halved Big Pen

The folks at Instructables have once again posted a “why didn’t I think of that” project. The idea is simple, yet really useful: cut a Bic pen in half. A Bic pen that has been halved becomes much less intrusive, and becomes a real convenience. It is really easy to carry in a pocket (especially for those of us carrying a Hipster PDA). Surprisingly, a halved Bic pen is not messy at all and it is really easy to make (it took me less than 1 minute). The only materials you need are an exacto knife (or scissors) and tape. Give it a try, I have been carrying mine around for the past two days and it has been a real convenience. I also drilled a hole in the back of the pen and added it to my key chain. Can you think of any other uses?

Mini Pen – [Instructables]

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