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No More Losing Items With This Device


Do you have a habit of losing your most prized items?

With the TrackR bravo system, you can be sure to locate your things before they get lost forever. Unlike other GPS trackers, this one is slim and convenient. It’s not bulky and can fit discreetly in your pocket, bottom of your bike or even on the back of your mobile device!

The coin-size tracker was designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. You only use it when you really need it, and when it’s not around, there’s no reminder that it’s there.

The 2nd part of the TrackR bravo system is the app. With powerful GPS features, the app can trigger the small pad to ring. The ring feature also works vice versa, allowing you to find your phone using the small tracker, even if your phone is on silent mode.


If you’re planning on investing in a tracker system for your devices, try the TrackR bravo.

TrackR bravo – The Thinnest Item-Tracking Device. Ever. | Indiegogo

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