JourneyPage: The Ultimate Goal Support System


JourneyPage helps you get a jump start on some of your larger goals by creating visibility and accountability. JourneyPage lets you create a web page dedicated to your goal(s) and even add a project champion. Additionally, JourneyPage allows you to post what tasks you would like to accomplish daily. At the end of the day you report back to JourneyPage and update the status of your goals. This is a great way to share your progress with your friends and family. If you had your loved ones checking in on your status, would your productivity skyrocket? Please let us know what you think of JourneyPage in the comments.

You can use JourneyPage to take three steps to your one-month challenge on a daily basis. Every morning, you enter what you want to accomplish and every evening you mark what you did accomplish. These results are shared with your accountability partner.

This process helps you clarify what’s most important and helps your accountability partner keep you on track.

The Ultimate Goal Support System – [JourneyPage]

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