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How to Turn Your Desk Into The Most Ideal Workspace: 9 Easy Steps

Do you think your workspace feels like an ill-fitting coat? Or does it feel like you’re wearing size 8 shoes when your size is actually 7? Yes? Then we have to tackle this health issue (yes, it’s a critical health concern). To date, the study of how workspaces affect our work (ergonomics) is not taken too seriously in many offices and work areas around the world. This is the reason many employees acquire work-related health conditions that could have been easily avoided if they have been well informed about how to turn their workplaces more ideal.

In truth, you can boost your productivity if you are comfortable with your workspace. On the contrary, you will come up with less than desirable results if you’re not well suited in your work hub.

As regards these concerns, California University ergonomist David Rempel says “Your workstation should fit you like a tailored shirt,” he further states that “If I come to your workstation and you’re six inches taller than me, it shouldn’t fit me.”

That is how meticulous you should be regarding your work area. More details in the infographic produced by Business Insider. (Please check the graphic above).

ideal workspace
Original Source:  9 Ways to Turn Your Desk Into the Ideal Workspace (Infographic) by Drake Baer via Entrepreneur.

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