How To Audit Your Time

Where does the time go? In whatever working circumstance you are in, time management can become an issue. The key to even coming close to managing your time the way you really want is defining exactly where your time ends up.

Enter time auditing. This is the simple activity of tracking where you spend your time. Whether you only track your working hours, or your entire day, this can prove to spearhead the changes you want to make in your time management.

At the end of a week, go through and tally up how much time you spent on specific categories of activities. When you review your logs, the categories will “suggest” themselves, but try to lump activities into as few buckets as possible.

I would think this is a good first step to organizing and scheduling your work. Put notes in your audit book [or software] for when you work particularly hard and fast on a project and when you don’t.

Go audit yourself – [GenuineCuriosity]

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