How to Ruthlessly Block Distractions at Work


The ability to focus at work is crucial to actually getting things done. That’s why obliterating distractions is imperative in accomplishing tasks you’re assigned to do. To make sure you succeed at this, you have to block distractions ruthlessly.

Every morning before starting to work, you have to remind yourself why you’re in that office doing what you do. If you’re clear with your purpose, even the strongest distractions can vanish into thin air once you remind yourself about it. Another step you can take especially when you need to concentrate is to put up a DND sign on your desk. A do not disturb sign will warn your co-workers you can’t talk in that particular period. Next, turn off the internet. The web is one of the most common distractions. Turn it off if you don’t need it to complete a task. If you need it, turn off social media. Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular time wasters in any company premises. Here are more distractions at work presented by YAST.



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