How To Be More Productive By Working Less


Denmark is the happiest country in the world! Danes must be doing something we don’t know. Let’s peep into their lives to grab some bits of wisdom.

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s going on there:

Why Denmark is the happiest country

Another point strikes me–Denmark gives leisure time a high premium. The country believes: If you have quality leisure time, you become a better and more productive worker. And I’m awed–Danes have 37-hour work weeks!

Another important point is–in some years based on the latest stats, laid-back France is shown as more productive than the U.S.. Some of the reasons?

> They have short, bounded, flexible working hours. This makes them more productive. In contrast, in the U.S. and other hyper countries, workers tend to work way longer hours which leads to disengagement after a while.

> Neuroscience is proving the critical importance of having breaks. With more  breaks, workers become more focused and creative.

Schulte added, to overcome inefficiency due to working long hours, take more frequent breaks, work in short pulses (they shouldn’t be more than 90 minutes). Also, we must unplug ourselves from technology after work. Contrary to popular belief, being plugged all the time doesn’t lead to higher productivity. In fact, it leads to lesser outputs.

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